What kind of leather is used?

Embossed heavy-duty ox leather is used for the production. The leather for comes from outdoor cattle and is treated at a Brazilian tannery established in 1954. The award-winning tannery is known for its eco-friendliness and is among the five cleanest tanneries worldwide seen as 98,98 % of the wastewater is cleansed.

Where does the production take place?

In one of the oldest (and now only) production facilities in Denmark

Do you have any tips on protection or care?

We recommend not to wax or spray it - just use it! Even the full grain bag, we recommend not to spray or wax. That way the leather will elder with grace and the bag will obtain the gorgeous patinated look

Does the latches have a nickel layer?


Can The Last Bag stand the rain?


How would you describe the The Last Bag and the design?

The Last Bag is a classic, timeless leather bag that knows no season, and focusing on design, detail and durability. 

You have a shop and a showroom?

The combined showroom, shop and office in central Copenhagen is small, but ..  so charming that most by-passers stop and look twice. The sight of the leather bags and archive boxes is almost as remarkable as the smell of leather, tradition and old memories. 

Do you ship wordwide?

Yes, worldwide shippings have included international sales to private clients from: USA, Russia, Canada, Iceland, Serbia, Korea, Turkey, Australia and all of Europe.

How much does the shipping cost?

We are using TNT for the shipping. The prizes are: Denmark €0, Europe €34, rest of the world €54.You only pay for the first bag, meaning are you buying two bags, you only pay eg. €54 for shipping to the US. The shipping company TNT often require a phone number when shipping to a private address, so please include you phone number in the address field.  

Are the V.A.T, local tax and custom fees included in the price?

Yes - V.A.T are included in all EU countries and V.A.T, local tax and custom fees for all NON-EU countries are included in the price.  

Where can I see the inside of the Classic bag?

Go to "Collection" - on page 5 there is a view of the inside of the Classic bag. The bag shown is the LARGE model - the SMALL model is similar though.

Any copyright protection?

All trademarks and logos are protected.

Is the design protected?

The Last Bag patents the design.

Why don’t you add a pencil case and lunch box to the collection?

Although everybody in Denmark used to carry a pencil case and a lunch box in the bag - at the moment we are not considering adding these items to the colletion.

Why is the logo on the inside?

It is much more elegant with a discreet logo inside, than a logo branding on the outside.

Does a laptop fit in?

Yes - the Classic Small takes up to 14" and the Classic Large 15" and 17". The models 48, the Lulu bag and 1366 takes up to 14".

Any cell phone holder inside?

No. The Last Bag is very simple and has no extra holders. A cell phone fit of course perfectly in the two front pockets.

Any guarantee?

The guarantee laws and rules in your country and at the purchasing store are valid.

I have a store and want to sell The Last Bag, where do I contact for wholesale?

Send e-mail to [email protected]and we will get back to you immediately.

Do you get a lot of feedback from your clients??

Yes, go to "press" in the menu above and then "client quotes" - here you can read a few of the e-mails, we have received since we started.

Can I get press material?

Yes, write an e-mail to [email protected]and we will send you material in digital form or in hardcopy, as you wish. Press material is available in English and Danish.

Mail [email protected]for other questions.


The name, The Last Bag?

I owe my friend Rob Muck (New York City, US) the credit for the inspiration. His band is called The Last Band, one of the greatest band names ever.

The models?

Audrey, Mads, Jim, Lise, Aya and Piet

The logos?

The logo and the bag drawing are made by Sigrún from Ingen Frygt.

The website?

The website is designed by Formfill and programmed by 38

Model, bag and store photos?

The three Danish photographers Lis Timm, John Petersen and Per Skovgaard

The look book photos and art direction?

The Danish photographer Lis Timm,