The Last Bag & Piet Breinholm

The Last Bag is owned by founder and designer Piet Breinholm. The company’s headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The philosophy behind the company was developed in the spring of the year 2003. At the time, Piet was still touring with his band, when he decided to make a stopover in New York City for a few days, the sudden object of everybody’s fascination: his old tattered school bag, he always carried around with him. Everyone loved it; people would stop and ask him about it. Storeowners would ask whether they could import it. The response was overwhelming, but the problem was, that the bag had been out of production for years.

On the plane on the way home, Piet Breinholm started sketching his modern version of the bag. Afterwards, a business plan was formulated and in the next 1,5 years between tours, dissertations, baby care and other jobs, a leather manufactures was found. A place with the right leather and superb silver buckles and latches. The result: a classic, retro, yet timeless bag, available for anyone, anywhere.

The Last Bag knows no season.